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I work at a

staffing agency

I’m looking for AI solutions that help us identify and match the best candidates for our clients

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corporate organization

I want to drive Human Resources transformation through AI-powered technology

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I am a

software vendor

I enable talent acquisition through our ATS/CRM solution. We are seeking an AI partner to power our solution

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I am at a

Management Consultancy

I want to incorporate Textkernel’s rich domain expertise and labor market intelligence into our market offering.

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Jobfeed Analysis: Remote Working Trends Across EMEA, 2018-2021

How is remote work shaping up across Europe? We’ve got the answers for you.

Based on the job vacancy information across 8 European countries, Textkernel analyzed the prevalence of remote working roles or jobs in which remote or ‘home office’ are possible.

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Since 2001 Textkernel has been delivering AI-powered technology to companies looking to better connect people and jobs.

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